I will be celebrating the anniversary of Flip Flap Try book launch on Saturday July 7th from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. at Farbach Werner Nature Preserve, part of Great Parks of Hamilton County. Everyone is welcome. I have an awful lot of people to thank for supporting me in my first year as an author. To name a few, my author assistant Colleen Wietmarschen and her son Peter helped me through some snags with my book. I hired Peter to help keep my author FB page going. I eventually started learning how to do some things on FB myself. Being a new author continues to be a learning process. I have given a talk at two libraries so far. They were both positive experiences. I thank the library persons who were in charge of the events for taking a chance on me. I am especially grateful my book has, in the words of my life coach Kay Fittes, “touched the hearts of over two hundred people.” I appreciate those who shared stories with me as to how much they themselves, or someone to whom they gave my book, liked it. There are others who helped me on my journey, too. Even though I may not have mentioned you in this blog, please know I am thankful for your help, also. I am looking forward to seeing at least some of you at the anniversary event! P.S. I’ve been baking up a storm getting some food ready for the event. My husband has been my taster. Of course he tells me the muffins are not any good, in hopes he will get to eat them all!

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