A member of my Seven Hills of Cincinnati Toastmasters club, Terrance Hanks, is a kind hearted soul. He is assistant pastor of Beulah Missionary Baptist Church in the Cincinnati area. He is also Superintendent of Education at this church. “Being superintendent of education encompasses overseeing all educational areas of the church at all levels, adult and youth,” Terrance told me. “The church educational programs include Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. Some of the youth will be learning the names of all the books of the Bible this summer.” Terrance purchased five of my Flip Flap Try . . . A Cardinal’s Journey books. He plans to give each child who can recite all sixty-six books of the Bible a copy of my book as a prize. Terrance joined Toastmasters International several years ago. He was inspired to join by Otis Williams, a World Champion of Public Speaking, who happens to teach at Northern Kentucky University where Terrance was once one of his students. Our Seven Hills of Cincinnati Toastmasters club is blessed by Terrance’s kind soul and powerful speeches. We will be celebrating our sixty-fourth year as a club at our first meeting in June 2018. You may contact me if you are interested in visiting one of our meetings or purchasing my book.

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