In the past, my husband had teasingly asked me “Do you do windows?” I would avoid answering his question. In life, we have opportunities to do small and large tasks. Completing tasks/goals, especially those important to us, can give us a feeling of satisfaction, happiness, and something of which to be proud. Those acts can build our self-esteem and confidence. So, how can we plan for more successes?My clean windows

Several months ago, I cleaned the windows in our sun room. I recall I had plenty of other to do’s to accomplish, but our sunroom windows really needed my attention. My husband had plenty on his plate. I decided I would see what I could do to get the ball rolling. I worked at getting them to open out like they are suppose to so one has an easier time at cleaning them. I ended up only having to ask for my husband’s help a couple of times, like when a window was too stuck for me to open it. (He’s stronger than I.) I ended up cleaning a couple of windows at a time in the rest of our house over a period of time. I even got the opportunity to make a trip to the hardware store to get a screen repaired. More that a month had gone by and I still needed to clean the windows in our master bedroom. One morning I decided this was the day it was going to happen. I put on my older jeans and t-shirt so I would be in the right outfit to wash windows, part of preparing myself for success. My husband asked me how I was going to clean the windows. I wasn’t completely sure, but gathered what I thought I might need. Then I started cleaning the windows. I didn’t have to have all the answers to begin. I just began the task at hand. When I got to the point where I needed help, I asked for it.

To succeed in life we need to wear the right armor (appropriate clothes and footwear to protect us depending upon the job at hand). It helps to keep our bodies in top shape by eating healthy, exercising, and doing things to keep our spirits high like getting plenty of sleep or keeping busy with mentally stimulating activities. (When is the last time you put a puzzle together or played a board game?) It’s important to nurture our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, or whomever, so we have someone to reach out to when we need help emotionally or physically. We take risks every day. Sometimes we fall. When that happens, pick yourself up and keep going. Think of something positive.

Anyway, all windows of our house have now been washed. When my husband asks if I do windows, I can answer confidently, “Yes, with a little help from you!”