My goal for 2024 is to do things which make me happy. Focusing on my books and book business more this year hopefully will help. How? Finding time to relax, sit on my couch, write, travel social media avenues, learn new computer skills, and plan my days, weeks, and special events. Treating others kindly would lead to a happier life for me. It is probably a secret for getting others to treat me with kindness as well which of course would improve my happiness . An acquaintance told me recently “I may need something from someone down the road, so I treat them nice,” plus it’s just the way we are supposed to treat one another. By the way, she has a knack for training difficult to handle dogs. I wonder if some of her dog training skills transfer over to handling difficult people. I could use some advice in that area. Actually everyone could probably benefit from that. I’m probably not ready to jump into fostering a dog, yet, but I did tell my husband the other day if he really wants to raise chickens, it was OK with me. Then he told me he was kidding about wanting chicken. He just liked telling others I wouldn’t let him have them. Maybe I’ll give him a baby chick for Easter or something. Baby chicks are considered one of the signs of new life. We could all benefit from a little newness in our lives, right? Happy New Year!

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