Caramel ApplesYesterday, my husband and I took a walk on the Loveland bike trail. We hadn’t walked there for a while. Each time we go, I try to walk a little further than we did the previous time. Even though the extra distance isn’t that much, it still gives me pride that I am improving. My goal is to someday be able to participate in the 5K walk/run which is held there on Wednesday evenings.

When we were done with our walk, I noticed a black chalkboard sign by one of the Loveland shops which read “Caramel Apples”. When I went into the shop, I was immediately impressed with the display of caramel popcorn and candy suckers and such, wrapped in Halloween foil. I didn’t see the caramel apples, so went to the counter and told a lady, probably the shop owner, I wanted a caramel apple, to go. She asked if I wanted one with peanuts, M&M’s or plain. “Plain” I replied, as I noticed the caramel apples on a metal tray in the area behind the counter. She wrapped it for me, explaining how she was first wrapping it in a clear non-stick wrap, “which won’t stick to the apple.” She seemed very proud and continued with “I specially ordered this wrap.” She then placed the apple in a clear plastic bag and used a twist tie to seal the bag shut. I paid for it with my credit card, finding the right slot for my card in the card reader with a little guidance from the shop owner. I tried not to be embarrassed and she acted like it was no problem. I walked out of the store, a happy customer.

Today I gave a signed copy of my most recent book, A Penguin Story, to a couple who are our neighbors. I explained to them that I had written the book. “It’s hard cover, too!”, the husband told his wife. He made me feel proud, even though I tried not to show it. (I was backwards as a child and still am, a little.) “I have a friend who loves penguins!”, his wife told me. I told the couple of my book launch event coming up next Wednesday and asked the to invite their friends. I left their house without saying more, hoping they would read my book, wanting to let my book speak for itself.

I enjoyed consuming my sweet (and sour) caramel (green) apple. It brought back memories of when my sisters and I made caramel apples when we were kids. We had fun making and eating them. We were proud, too, of our accomplishment.

It’s nice when life gives us something to be proud of, isn’t it?

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