How to focus on a task. How to get things done. It helps to have a deadline. The deadline may be imposed by someone else or you need to self impose a deadline. You figure out the advantages of setting your target date by such and such a date. Sometimes it’s more advantages to get a task done before the final day it’s due. For example, my six months sales tax was due by Monday June 23rd, but I knew it would be best if I got it done by June 20th because I planned to be out of town for the weekend before taxes were due. I actually had to start planning how I might manage this task way back before January. I ended up having to implement plan B due to I am not the most organized person in the world and had a lot on my plate. I came up with a plan that I thought would work for me. Then I had to make sure I would be able to do what I needed to do, such as find and test out my password for logging into the state tax website. I also wrote down phone numbers of who I could call if I needed help. To help me focus and start doing it, I made myself a checklist of everything I would need to have at my fingertips to get the job done at my work desk where my computer was set up, including a nice glass of ice water in case I got thirsty. Having a comfortable place to work is important. Our nutritional/physical needs play a factor in focusing and getting things done, such as do we have the energy we need to perform a task. Minimizing distractions was on my list. Clearing our minds of things which may distract us is important. Perhaps there is another task we need to get done first so our minds will be more clear to work on a certain project.

There is a lot to focusing. Motivation, minimizing distractions, and perhaps developing a checklist for checking steps off as we go. We have to find out what works for us. O.K. The birds in my backyard are chirping to let me know it may be time to put more birdseed in the bird feeder. I probably have enough of my thoughts typed into my iPad for now. Looks like I’ll make my before the end of the month blog deadline! I’ll have to try working in our sun room again sometime. Adios.

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