It is ideal to first make a list of to whom you would like to give a gift then come up with a list for each person of the types of things they like. Of course, sometimes we don’t always do the ideal thing.

At one ladies group I belong to we pick a gift we think anyone in the group will like, then play Bingo as a way of letting members win a wrapped gift. They won’t know what gift they got until they unwrap it when the game is over. It includes the element of surprise which adds more fun to our holiday tradition.

lumiereHomemade gifts are special because they incorporate the elements of time & creativity which the receiver can appreciate. I made a jar lumiere recently using a jar, tissue, scissors, ribbon, bells and glue. You can use any kind of jar you like such as a Mason or pickle jar. Of course, you will need some sort of tea light to go inside. Battery operated is the safest. I hope to make more so I may give one to several family members this year.

Skill and craftsmanship may also play a part in the creation of a gift. My dad made side tables out of wood for my mom with carvings which matched the carvings on her dining room table chairs. They were beautiful. When I was out of college, my mom let me pick out what Christmas dish pattern I liked, then bought me a set of those dishes every year till I had a complete set. She actually worked in a china department and would hand pick the dishes she bought for me. My parents valued quality. My husband says, “No wonder I am spoiled.” Interesting I had picked the pattern with a cardinal for my Christmas dishes. I hadn’t written my story about a cardinal yet.

Something different, one year I surprised my husband by having his guitar refurbished. He hadn’t played it in years in part because he was unhappy with it. I wouldn’t recommend changing someone’s instrument without their permission. I felt ours was a unique situation and fortunately had a happy ending. His guitar sounds and looks nice, except for some accidental scratches I made on the pick guard. My husband said, “Oh well, it looks like I’ve done something with it.”

I hope you will feel free to be creative with your gift giving. Enjoy your holidays.


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