“The things that we love tell us what we are.” ____Thomas Aquinas. I buy things which look pretty to me. I wear Mary Jane shoes because of their comfort. They’re flat and have room for my toes. They are of reflection of who I am, what I value. I had a Betsy McCall doll when I was a child. I made a dresser with a mirror and chair for my doll using materials we had around the house. I used my creativity and sewing skills to put it together. My mother saved it. One day, when we were both older, she pulled it out of one of her closets. It was the closet in which she apparently kept the special things my sisters and I had made as children. She told me she thought I had done a good job making it. She treasured it and thought it worth holding onto all those years. When people’s houses are destroyed by a flood or such, it’s the irreplaceable items like photos and keepsakes that they miss the most. I have a little bunny craft which my mother made. I’ve kept it because it reminds me of my mother and her talents. It’s another reflection of what I love. I’m sure you have some things for similar reasons.  Cherish those memories.

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