Christmas Mouse

I didn’t have time to set up our stored away in garage attic Christmas tree this year. Instead, I rediscovered some other Christmas decorations which I had stored in one of our bedroom closets. Actually, it was evidence of a mouse which prompted me to take everything out of the closet. It was nice to rediscover some older decorations I hadn’t used in years. I had fun finding places to display them for the holidays. Sometimes we stuff things away; sometimes our feelings. One day, a lady noticed me stuffing one of my used Kleenex in my purse. She told me I was a stuffer. She said I tended to hide my feelings. I was a bit hurt by her observation. Sometimes the truth hurts. I remember once telling someone I was fine when I was really pretending to be fine. I later found someone whom I could trust to tell everything was not fine. I asked for their help. Building friendships is so important in life. Having people you can trust. A good friend is one who can tell you when you are doing something wrong. They love you enough to tell you so. Reaching out for help from others is a good thing, as is reaching out to help someone. I had my book published, at least one of the reasons for doing so, to help people who might be struggling with their career. I wanted to give people hope they would find their dream job someday. I know my book Flip Flap Try has given some people hope from hearing feedback of those who have read it. I believe you never know when and who you might be able to help. You don’t have to write a book. Just having a conversation with someone may give them hope, point them in the right direction. Usually something sparks us to take action. For me this year it was a Christmas mouse . . . a personal coach, book coach, two marketing assistants, speech coach, writer’s group, shop owners, personal trainer, friends, kind neighbors and loving family.

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