Sometimes we need a project manager to come into our lives and ask us “So, what is holding you back? What is the next step you need to take to get things moving? When are you going to get this step done?” I had a task which needed to be done that I had been putting off. I was afraid of the possible problems I would have to deal with in order to get it done. I ran into some problems the previous time someone else and I tried to begin working on this project. Also, being somewhat disorganized, I knew it was going to take some time straightening up to find info I had collected previously. Fear was holding me back. Also, other tasks had been competing for my time. With a push from a project manager, I looked for some open time on my schedule. I had a car appointment lined up. I knew I would have some quiet time as I waited for the work on my car to get done. I grabbed my iPad to take with me to the appointment. While in the waiting room, I was able to search my emails and to my surprise, was able to find the info I needed without having to try to connect with someone on the phone. It was the key info I needed to get the ball rolling on the project. I then made a plan of action, what I was going to do if this or that was or wasn’t going to happen on my way to reaching my goal. The next day, I was able to reach my goal. I was glad I had a little push from a project manager. Thank you, Project Manager.

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