Sometimes we have to play catch up. I got behind in my blogs. Being behind in blogs is not unheard of. I am sure you know of others who have fallen behind in blogging. Apologies are made. All is forgiven. The blogger starts blogging again. Life gets hectic sometimes. We have to rush or push ourselves to get things done. Then comes the well earned holiday time off. Sometimes we plan to get a lot done on a holiday. During these days off we still need to decide what is most important to do with our time. Hopefully taking breaks, spending time with family, and doing somethings just for fun, become more of a priority. Working in some to do’s which mean a lot in the long run, like having a photo taken of you and your spouse and/or family which you can plan to include in your Christmas cards, become a priority as do holiday traditions. So, be wise. Enjoy your holidays to their fullest. Then round them out with some catch up tasks. You’ll be more refreshed and be able to look at them in a new light. Enjoy your holidays . . . catching up with family, friends and tasks.

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