I didn’t go to my two scheduled activities, first because I felt I had other things I needed to catch up with, and second, my husband was worried a storm with heavy rain and hail might brew up making it too dangerous to drive. I took time to take a stab at cleaning the shower curtain, a long overdue task. I cleaned it twice, sprayed it with Lysol cause I could still see mildew on it, then took almost everything out of one closet looking for my scrub brush without avail. When my husband came home, I Scrub Brushasked him if he had seen the scrub brush. He found one in our garage, brought it inside our house and placed it on top of the pile of stuff I had removed from the closet for me to get later. When I was ready to use it, I was disappointed it wasn’t “my” scrub brush, the one I used to use. I wrote “scrub brush” down on my grocery list thinking I would find one at the hardware store similar to the one I used to have. “Mine” was smaller and the bristles weren’t as worn. I thought I should try to make do with “his” for now. I set it on the bathroom sink ready to use later. Later turned into tomorrow. I liked the ice cream and enjoyed feeding the fish at Caesar’s Creek. I made my husband and I a tasty supper, washed dishes, then we watched a Netflix documentary about Naomi Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, who, by the way, got to light the torch at the opening ceremonies of the 2020 Olympics. In the documentary , I heard her say “You have to be happy with yourself when you’re not playing your best. That’s what a champion does.” Find something at which you want to be champion. Believe in yourself. And if you work (scrub) hard enough, you’ll get there (or you can always buy a new shower curtain . . . or rewrite your dream).

P.S. The storm did not come to our home, but a tornado was spotted a little North of here, and they got 4 inches of rain.

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