Most of us have to work at being healthy. We have to develop good habits if we want a strong immune system. We have had a long cold/flu season starting in October of last year through this February. I have had my share of colds during it. My husband is trying to get over a nasty bug. I’ve been fixing him chicken noodle soup and such. Tonight I served baked chicken, potato, carrots and cut up fresh fruit (antioxidants). We even sprinkled garlic which has antimicrobial and antiviral properties (something I learned on the internet today) over our food. When I feel a cold coming on, I take vitamin C and try to get plenty of rest. Plenty of rest helps fight off infections. Drinking plenty of water helps to wash toxins out of our bodies. It also helps to moisten our mouths and nasal passages which probably helps us deal with congestion and sore throats better. Washing your hands frequently helps one avoid germs in the first place or spreading your germs to others.

It is important to keep warm and dry. I learned that lesson while in Florida a couple of years ago. While I was there, I didn’t have an umbrella with me. I ended up having to walk through a monsoon to get back to the hotel where my husband and I were staying. I used to think that getting deathly sick in a rainstorm only happened in romance novels while riding on horseback. On that Florida trip, I got to buy some polka dot goulashes. I think I was wanting to relive my childhood when I bought them. We are only young once, but it doesn’t hurt to pretend.

Time for bed. I must get my healthy sleep. (I’m a little too old to call it my beauty sleep!)

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