A Penguin Family . . . Finding Joy (Hard Cover)


A Penguin Family . . . Finding Joy

Written by Janet Kassalen, Illustrated by Laura Yoder, 48 pages.

“Squeaky dove into the crystal-clear waters of the Antarctic Ocean.  He darted this way and that through the water with his tiny flippers.  Zoom! Zoom!

He popped up out of the water and landed on a patch of floating ice.  His cousin, Suzzie, was perched on another patch of ice nearby. “Hey Squeaky! Bet you can’t catch me!” She dove into the water daring Squeaky to chase here.”

And so the story begins.

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SqueakyA young penguin, Squeaky, has difficulty speaking. He plays and swims like other young penguins but can only “squeak” to express himself. With family and community encouragement, a rhyming speech game, and near the end of the story, amazing squeaking sounds from a team of wandering albatrosses, Squeaky says his first words to the joy of everyone, especially his South Polar Fishy Soup cooking mama and hiking expert papa.

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