Spring is coming & with it spring cleaning. I started my spring cleaning a bit early. It started the day I decided to refill a soap dispenser in my kitchen. I had it about half full of Dawn dish soap when I accidentally knocked it of the counter. Most of it (and the jar which held it) landed by my feet, upside down, of course. I was able to scoop a lot of it up with a couple of spatulas, but a puddle of blue soap remained on the floor. There was also a nice spill line reaching across a cupboard, front of the dishwasher, bag of the wastebasket, an area of faux wood flooring, over to a wall on the other side of the kitchen. It would have made a nice spill study for a crime scene investigator. Paper towels, wet dish rag, and later a mop and bucket of water, got the mess up. Getting all the little soap suds up was challenging. Anyway, this incident sparked me into tackling other areas of the kitchen which needed some attention.

Soap has Virusbeen getting a lot of attention the past few days. I was happy to learn from googling “soap” that it can actually destroy the Coronavirus. See New York Times article. It just takes a little time, therefore why one needs to wash their hands for 20 seconds. I loved the diagrams showing how soap does this with its hydrophobic tail. Hand washing is so important in deterring the spread of this virus.

Soap is a hero, along with all the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and other first responders who are risking their lives to help the rest of us. Rainier, my husband, and I want to shout a big “Thank you!”

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