I’ve lost another brother-in-law. Both of my brother-in-laws died while undergoing chemotherapy. I never realized how difficult chemotherapy was before this. I wish things would have been different. The only blessing in my most recent brothers-in-laws death is he will have to suffer no more. I miss being able to hear him sing. I can hear his singing in my mind. At least I have that. I feel his presence in my heart. I have that, too.

Some things I’ll remember about my brother-in-law Michael:

IT troubleshooter, Mr. Electronic
Instructor, help desk coordinator

Musician, singer, tenor or bass
Tuning my harp with tuning app

T.V. speed race watcher, monster trucks
Action movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back”

Paddling for Cancer Awareness website designer
Kentucky Thoroughbreasts dragon boat team supporter, race timer

Protector, safety minded
House complete with alarms, cameras, and cackling witch sounds

Mike on shedRoofer, truss lifter, shed builder
Mr. Know-It-all

Pinecone Home shop assistant
Building boxes for everyone
He made mine with a touch of color from orange and blue markers saying
joyous, gratitude, smile and blessed.
I can choose which word to display
Depending on how I am feeling on a particular day, Michael told me

Storyteller, story of night hunting for rattlesnakes with a crazy guy.
Wendy’s store manager, story of meeting Dave Thomas

Norwood Christian Church spaghetti dinners
Dishing out spaghetti expert

Steak griller, fire pit fires
Sharing outdoor movie night during COVID

Rescuing me when I was exhausted and stranded
On 100 mile bicycling event

Cheese lover
Diet pop

Taking my husband and I on
25th wedding anniversary boat ride

Dismetholic Christian
Faithful, sincere

Dinners with my sister’s familyMike at dinner
Johnny Appleseed song prayer led by Michael

Things he could not understand,
Being misunderstood

Cat lover
Tail puller

My Irish brother-in-law,
Say “Hi!” to my Polish brother-in-law Alan.
I miss you both

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