PumpkinIt’s Halloween! Time for some fun. Yes, the nights are getting longer, we have to move our clocks back an hour tonight (which messes up our internal clocks), and we have a scary virus lurking in the aisles of our grocery stores, shops, and restaurants, but we must not be defeated. We must carry on in our new ‘normal’, social distancing, building up our immunity, using our best hand washing techniques.

Sometimes life is not fun. In fact, it can be very hard. Challenging. I learned that a friend’s husband, who is in the military, works too far away to get a lunch or dinner. In the past I’ve had the thought “I’ll probably end up on a deserted island somewhere with a can of food, but no can opener.” Fortunately, now a days they make cans with pull tops. So if you are buying canned food for a disaster, I suggest getting those or food sealed in packages.

Sometimes we have to be a MacGyver.  Do what we can with the skills & materials we have to find a way out. I just had to retrieve a spray bottle from between my clothes dryer and the wall of my laundry closet. It took some effort. I was finally able to grab onto it with one of the fireplace tools. One time our cat got behind the washer. A broom helped that time. I had to coax the cat to grab the straw of the broom and hold on till I could raise him high enough for me to grab him with my free hand. He was a black cat. We didn’t let him out on Halloween.

I may not know all the answers, but know enough to understand, in the grand scheme of life, being kind is important. So is taking time to have some fun, to get your mind off of worries.

It’s Halloween! Come up with some creative costumes for you and/or your kids. Figure out a safe way to celebrate. Have fun! Life’s too short.

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