Dogwood TreeBeautiful day. Sun shining. Birds chirping; busy flying around, tidying up their homes. We have several bird houses in our backyard. Bluebirds in one of them. Husband planted an apple tree the other day. Today I washed some clothes, including his trousers, muddy from planting the tree. He told me he used up some of the leftover bags of potting soil that were in the shed, “‘cause the directions for planting the tree said to use fertilized soil.” Every living life form needs nutrition. Did you know, termites are one of the only creatures which can get nutrients from wood? They have microbes in their gut which can digest it and make use of the nutrients therein.

I had a dream the other night that I was organizing things in my bedroom. You know something is a problem when you start dreaming about it. But even dreaming about something isn’t enough. We have to decide to take action.

What actions are you taking to keep your life going forward? A termite needs to chew big pieces of wood into small little pieces before they are small enough to where it can digest it. Likewise, we have to chip away at big problems before we can tackle them.

May you take time to enjoy the beauty of this spring, and all the diverse life forms on our earth. May it inspire you to start working towards making your dreams a reality.

Apple Tree

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