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Squeaky’s here! Janet is hosting a Zoom launch party for A Penguin Family . . . Finding Joy! Everyone is invited to attend on October 20 @ 6:00 PM! The event will feature an introduction by author and speaker Kay Fittes, a reading of A Penguin Family . . . Finding Joy by Janet Kassalen, a few words from the book’s illustrator Laura Yoder, and YOUR chance to win a door prize! For more details about the event and to RSVP, please visit Janet’s event on Facebook

Janet is asking everyone to please wait until the launch to purchase their own copy from Amazon as she is working towards becoming an Amazon best-seller. If you know any friends or family who might be interested in joining the event, please share this page or the event page on Facebook with them.  

A Penguin FamilyAbout the Book

A young penguin, Squeaky, has difficulty speaking. He plays and swims like other young penguins but can only “squeak” to express himself. With family and community encouragement, a rhyming speech therapy game, and near the end of the story, amazing squeaking sounds from a team of wandering albatrosses, Squeaky says his first words to the joy of everyone, especially his South Polar Fishy Soup cooking mama and hiking expert papa.



About Janet

Janet Kassalen, a smalltown author, published her first book, Flip Flap Try . . . A Cardinal’s Journey, in July 2017. This book was inspired by a cardinal she met on a camping trip. Janet named the cardinal Rainier, who searches for his dream job. The author, who’s dream job is being a housewife, writer, and self-publisher, spends a lot of time volunteering with different organizations. She plays viola with The Cincinnati Civic Orchestra which has recently returned from hiatus. Meanwhile, she is taking FaceTime banjo lessons. Janet is also learning to play the harp which her husband built her from scratch.

Her second book, “A Penguin Family . . . Finding Joy, inspired by one of her nephew’s children, is about a penguin named Squeaky who can’t talk like other penguins, but is honored as a hero and inspired to talk by the loud, awesome squeaks from wandering albatross birds in Antarctica. Publishing this book was one of her 2020 projects as well as finalizing the requirements for renewing her dietitian registration for another five years.

She lives in Morrow, Ohio with her husband and is blessed with two talented sisters, supportive in-laws, and bunches of amazing nieces and nephews, some of whom have children of their own. Her stories give encouragement, hope, and bring joy to the hearts of children of all ages. Brilliant Illustrations for both books created by Laura Yoder, a graduate of the design program of the University of Cincinnati.

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Don’t forget to join Janet on October 20th @ 6:00 PM! Use the link below to join our Zoom room.

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